Sacred Geometry

The Amazing Symbology of Sacred Geometry

For years, I have sketched and drew these symbols everywhere and onto different mediums! For the longest time, I did not know what it meant or why the reason I was doing it! Sometimes It comes in dreams or visions and I just sketch it! Even after wondering what it is & not knowing what it is for, I just kept drawing it! I sometime drew it on my note books, side spaces on my books, mobile apps, work notes during meetings, or on study notes without even noticing it, something it felt like I just "Auto Writing" it! 

Over the years I was able to decipher and decrypt some, but for the most, I still do not know what it means. I am still on an exciting journey of discovery, but I am certain it is a sort of calling or "summoning" for a sort of natural or high energies, maybe some laws of the universe or nature. It seems a calling via the power of Scared Geometry language & symbology!

 Geometry is found everywhere, in the simplest snowflakes to the movements of galaxies!

Sacred geometry and its symbology is a piece of information forming a language that transcends time and space.
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