eHealing - Energetics Healing
By Essam Fatrony

Your mind is infinite, your consciousness has extraordinary powers. Let me help you to unleash it!

Intuitive & energy healing sessions online via Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp/Facebook. Helping people to overcome issues & negative beliefs anywhere anytime! For details & bookings, click here to go to Sessions page.

About Me

My name is Essam Fatrony, Sam or in Arabic (عصام). I am a certified and experienced Information Technology Professional (Since 1995) & Energy Healer (Since 2010). I was born with amazing gifts and abilities, I could see & feel everyone and everything around us from a different perspective! I used to notice different colours or energies/strings coming out of peoples’ bodies, plants and animals. I could see and hear subtle energies around a person that seem to cause them pain and sadness and I could feel movement, symmetry and patterns in inanimate objects! For long time, I used to think there is something wrong with me, maybe I was cursed, it brought me a lot of pain and suffering, physically and emotionally.

But I have been blessed with the virtues of kindness, bravery and wonder which given me a drive and unquenchable thirst to seek knowledge I needed to nurture, control and amplify those gifts and abilities. For many years, beside growing in my IT career, and earning many qualifications in the IT field. I earned many qualifications in energetics modalities. I also met many gifted and special people that came into my life to guide me and point me to the right direction.

So, beside having an IT career, I've decided to expand into healing work and have an online presence & practice to progress and expand further, and most of all, to help more people to heal and change into a better version of themselves. (Click here to watch my YouTube video)

More About Me & How I Do It

It started just as an interest to overcome my issues, and as self-healing and personal development, nothing more. While on my own healing journey, I helped others to heal, doing so made me full of incredible joy and happiness, and I started to have "massive shifts!", I started to see & notice many positive changes, not just for me but for other people on emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual levels.

There seems to be a tremendous powerful energy at play, call it what you like, it is full of compassion, unconditional love, kindness, wisdom and abundance just waiting to be accessed unconditionally.

I also use a Theta (Theta Healing) brainwave state to amplify my abilities to connect, witness, and observe a healing done by the Creative Force, The Source, Pure Intelligence, Infinite Spirit, Intelligent Subconscious, God, Allah الله, Yahweh, Dark Energy, Goddess, Braham, Xwedê, Ahura Mazda, Universe, Super Consciousness, or simply, the Creator of All That Is. The name Energetics Healing came about from the two main energetics modalities I use & qualified in, Matrix Energetics© & ThetaHealing©, both are amazing and find myself combining them together to get the best outcome for people that come to me for help.

So what I do is, as an Intuitive & energy healer, I work on belief systems & the energy of your body and mind! I employ different techniques (mainly Thetahealing©) to help us to explore, discover and change conscious and subconscious habits, thought patterns, programs and beliefs! This brings a paradigm shift in one’s mind that facilitates mental, psychological, physical and spiritual healings.

The first session is a 30 minutes free consultation, to book please click here to go to Contact page & fill-in the form.
If you prefer to book a full healing session, please click here to go to Sessions page to book.

Energetics Healing Powers & Potential Benefits

Energy healing is powerful and gentle and can be done from anywhere anytime. Everything around us is energy (Quantum Physics confirms it!), your emotions, thoughts have an energy that has an effect on your state of being and wellness. Your mind is very powerful and the techniques I use will allow you to identify the diseases & blockages that your negative thoughts & beliefs are creating and clear it easily and effortlessly.

In my personal experience as both a giver and receiver of energetic work, energy healing benefits can include:

  • Managing stress and coping with stressful situations becomes easier.

  • Greater sense of emotional wellness. Deeper sense of peace and calmness.

  • Resolution of or transformation of relationship to problem people or situations.

  • Immune system health is improved: you have greater resistance to illness and heal faster from sickness and injury.

  • Relief of anxiety, or improved resistance to chronic mild depression. Release of deep, chronic muscle tension.

  • Natural pain relief or reduction of chronic pain.

  • Accelerated person growth and/or spiritual evolution.

  • Emotional release and healing, enhanced mental clarity and release of blocked energy.

  • Grounding, chakra activation, healing, balancing. Aura clearing and balancing of body’s bio-energy.

When you become aware of the creative energy around us, you can do much more amazing and incredible things that defy your beliefs and reality! Some like, activating vitality chromosome, programming of inanimate objects, remote viewing, contacting ETs CE5, blessing lands & homes, break curses, send wayward spirits & fallen angles to the light, past lives regressions and communicate with guardian angels, the list is endless!